Food Animal Services

Parasite control and consultation

This is the biggest issue facing the small ruminant industry. We have seen multiple incidences where inappropriate deworming protocols have led to massive resistance of those parasites to the medications. We have easy to follow guidelines and inexpensive protocols to assist with controlling internal parasites within your herd.

Fly, lice, and mange treatments and preventions

Pregnancy testing

Palpations, ultrasound, and in some cases blood tests for pregnancy diagnosis particularly in sheep/goats.

Preventative health care

Vaccinations, deworming, hoof trims, brucellosis vaccination and testing (bangs/calfhood vaccine), CDT vaccine for small ruminants (sheep/goats)

Show animal services

FFA, 4H, and other livestock affiliates dealing with school grade children will receive a discount on all show related services (health papers, tattoos, permanent IDs). These programs are dear to our hearts and we believe that a strong support of these kids is very important.