Small Animal Services


Advanced anesthesia and monitoring

As anesthesia can be a scary part of surgery and dentistry for many clients, we offer state of the art monitoring service while your pet is under anesthesia. This allows us to monitor heart rate, EKG rhythms, blood pressure, respirations, body temperature. Close monitoring of these data points allow us to manage your pets anesthesia perfectly and to the safest ability possible.

Boarding (COMING SOON)

Routine boarding services as well as medical boarding for diabetic or patients with chronic diseases ( as these boarding patients require additional monitoring)


Routine dental cleaning and scaling

Oronasal fistula repair, tooth extraction, gingival resection

Diagnostic Laboratory

Blood chemistries and ability to check liver and kidney values, among many other blood tests

Dietary and nutritional consultation

Variety of prescription diets and special diets available for all those special needs patients. Carrying both Hills and Purina diets to help keep your pet at its best and healthiest.

Not all cases require a specific diet. Sometimes a discussion with our veterinarians is all that is required to make dietary changes that are over the counter, or even in house practices that help keep your pet at its best and healthiest.

Dog grooming services

Toe nail trims and medicated baths.

Fully stocked pharmacy

Multiple medications available in clinic to treat your pets illness or disease with both generic and brand name treatments available.

Medical consultations

Diabetic management, cushings and addisonian management, thyroid screening, chronic kidney disease and liver disease, neurologic consultations for seizures and various neurologic diseases. Last but not least, allergies and other itchy dog and cat conditions


This is a great way to permanently ID your pet

OFA evaluations

Cardiac, hip and elbow, thyroid, and patella OFA examinations and radiographic interpretation.

Radiography (x-rays)

Ability to see within the pets body to assist in diagnosing illness and disease

Rehabilitation and Cold Laser therapy

State of the art therapy lasers to assist with healing and managing chronic diseases. A few examples are arthritis, spinal issues/trauma, hair loss, chronic pain, and knee and hip injuries. We even offer this service to our routine surgeries to assist in healing and inflammation within the surgical site.



Mass Removal

Advanced soft tissue surgeries (gastro-intestinal surgery, abdominal exploratory, organ biopsy, and many others)

Orthopedic surgeries

Bone plating fractures, pin and wire fracture repair, external fixation of bone fractures, patellar luxation surgery, cranial cruciate ligament injury repair, hip and pelvic surgery.


State of the art ultrasound equipment to evaluate internal organs, cancer screenings, and a variety of other diagnostic uses


Routine vaccines including distemper/parvovirus/leptospirosis and rabies as well as kennel cough vaccine, canine influenza, lymes, and rattlesnake vaccine

Wellness Examinations

Flea and tick medications and consultations

We have multiple options for each pet and their specific needs